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Magnesium Spray 4 oz   Retail $20.00

A large number of people have a magnesium deficiency. Signs of magnesium deficiency can include fatigue, migraines, inability to fall asleep, cramps, muscle aches, and much more.

Magnesium is absorbed well through the skin without causing digestive issues.


When applying magnesium spray to your skin you may feel a tingling sensation. If you do, this means that you do have a magnesium deficiency. Leave the spray on for as long as comfortable. Most can leave it on without washing it off. If it does become uncomfortable for you, simply wipe it off and apply daily to help raise your magnesium levels.

Magnesium Spray

  • Shake well. Apply to stomach, legs, and/or bottom of feet and rub in. 

  • Distilled Water, Magnesium Chloride, Aloe Vera Gel, Ho Wood Theraputic Grade Essential Oil

    Shelf Life: 1-2 years